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Draco100 – Draco Malfoy Drabbles & Drawbles
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A Harry Potter drabble community with a focus on our favourite snarky Slytherin

Welcome to draco100, a community for drabbles and drawbles with a focus on our favourite snarky Slytherin, Draco Malfoy.

The premise is simple: a new prompt will be set every second Monday. The challenge is to use the prompt to inspire a 100 word drabble or drawble, with Draco as the focus.

All prompts remain open indefinitely. You're welcome to post drabbles or drawbles which are based on old prompts, or which don't link to any prompt at all. If you submit a response to a prompt during the fortnight in which it was set, it will be included in our roundup post.

Anyone can join this community, and any member can post.

Community Rules:

1. Flaming will not be tolerated. Any member found to be flaming or trolling will receive a warning. If a second offence occurs, they will be removed from the community. If you don't like someone's work, ignore it!

2. All posts should focus on Draco. Any drabbles or drawbles which do not feature him will be removed by the mods.

3. Explicit content is permitted (and encouraged, even!), but R or NC-17 rated content must be put behind a cut and be clearly labelled.

4. Content containing Cursed Child spoilers is permitted, but must be put behind a cut and be clearly labelled.

5. Please follow this posting template when submitting your drabbles:

6. Drabbles must be 100 words in length.

7. No crossovers, please. Let's keep it strictly HP.

8. Inter-connected drabbles and drabble series are fine – but please label them as such.

9. Do not use this community to pimp other sites or communities unless you have mod approval to do so. Any unapproved posts of this nature will be removed.

Suggestions: If you would like to leave some suggestions for fortnightly prompts, we'd be delighted to receive them. Please use the Suggestion Box.

Any questions? Your mods are digthewriter & ravenclawsquill

Happy drabbling!

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